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Sector Financing
Waterfunds Toolbox

Waterfunds Toolbox

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Water Funds are organizations that design and enhance financial and governance mechanisms which unite public, private and civil society stakeholders around a common goal to contribute to water security through nature-based solutions and sustainable watershed management. The Waterfunds Toolbox provides access to state-of-the-art knowledge on how to scope, design, and operate water funds. It was developed by Water Funds experts to help leaders succeed in developing Water Funds.

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Sector Financing
Both urban and rural
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The Nature Conservancy
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Development pressures to feed and power the world are degrading the lands and rivers from which comes water. In many cities worldwide, drinking-water supplies are greatly affected by how land is managed. Practices that clear forests, increase erosion and create pollution reduce both water quality and reliability. Degradation of watersheds is a key challenge for sustainable water management.

Water Funds enable downstream water users - like cities, businesses, and utilities - to invest in upstream land management to improve water quality and quantity and generate long-term benefits for people and nature. The water fund model includes a range of replicable and adaptable approaches and techniques, such as Goal-Setting Ecosystem Services Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement, Legal and Institutional Analysis, Governance and Legal Models, Partnerships, etc.

The Waterfunds Toolbox is built around 3 overarching structures:

  • TOOLBOX - a step-by-step guide
  • TRAINING - curriculum
  • NETWORK - a global community

The website contains many multimedia resources and is organized in a way that is motivational and easy to understand.

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