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Sector Financing
SDG Costing Tool

WASH SDG Costing Tool

Year of publication:
The WASH SDG Costing Tool can be used by countries that would like to calculate the investments needed to fulfill the SDG targets as well as the financing gap. The Tool comprises a spreadsheet, accompanied by easy-to-use guidelines available for download in PDF.

Building block(s)
Sector Financing
Both urban and rural
Organization responsible for the tool
UNICEF - United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Detailed description of Tool

Created by UNICEF in 2017 and updated in 2020, this spreadsheet-based tool is useful to prepare the financial analysis for the Country Overview. Countries which have not yet done their own costing of the SDG targets (6.1 and 6.2) can use the SDG Costing Tool to prepare their estimates.

The main difference between the updated tool and the previous version is that now countries have the option of selecting the baseline year - i.e. after 2015. This allows more realistic annual values to be estimated to reach the national targets.

Access the guidance for the tool here:

 - PDF, 965KB: English | FrenchSpanish.

The Sanitation and Water for All (SWA) Secretariat, working with UNICEF provides direct support to countries that may require additional assistance to work with the tool.

Access the updated SDG Costing tool:

Click the "Download file" button below to download the English language version of the Tool spreadsheet (xlsm file - 7.5MB)
French language spreadsheet | Spanish language spreadsheet 

Download File

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