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Planning Monitoring and Review
Citizen Report Card Learning Toolkit

Citizen Report Card Learning Toolkit

Year of publication:
This self-learning online course is provides basic knowledge and skills to implement Citizen Report Cards (CRCs). A CRC is a simple but powerful tool to provide public agencies with systematic feedback from users of public services. The target audience includes officers of local governments, civil society organizations, development agencies, and consortiums.

Building block(s)
Planning Monitoring and Review
Capacity Development
Both urban and rural
Organization responsible for the tool
ADB - Asian Development Bank
PAC - Public Affairs Centre
Detailed description of Tool

Produced in 2006 through a partnership between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and a Bangalore based non-governmental organization called Public Affairs Centre (PAC), the Citizen Report Card Learning Toolkit is an online course structured around ten modules. The modules, in turn are designed to enable users to understand the conceptual, technical, managerial and operational details of CRCs. Each module consists of relevant learning content and an end-of-module assessment.

The course content includes:

  • A feasibility assessment on the potential for citizen report cards
  • How to plan & design a citizen report card activity
  • How to carry out data collection
  • How to analyse results to prioritise actions and identify effective dissemination and negotiation strategies
  • How to design effective post citizen report card actions, e.g. public advocacy state-citizen partnerships or public-private collaborations


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