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SWA Tools Portal

Welcome to the SWA Tools Portal!

Looking for a tool to strengthen WASH in your country? To get started, select the Building Block or Action Point you want to explore below. A set of filters will appear to the left. You will be able to narrow down your search by filtering the region/country, scope, subsector, language, and organization.

At any time, you may browse all tools or select another building block by clicking on the appropriate link in the horizontal menu above. You may also use the search box on the right to search by keyword.

Política / Estrategia sectorial
Sector Policy/Strategy
  • National Planning for WASH
  • SDG Integration
  • Sector Diagnosis
Renforcement des capacités
Capacity Development
  • Needs assessment
  • Quality provision of services
  • WASH learning & training
Zones transversales
Crosscutting Areas
  • Advocacy / communications
  • Reduction of inequalities
  • WASH sustainability
Financement du secteur
Sector Financing
  • Budgets and expenditure frameworks
  • Explore financial data
  • Financial planning
Dispositions institutionnelles
Institutional Arrangements
  • Coordination Mechanisms
  • Decentralization
  • Legal and regulatory frameworks
Planificación, supervisión y examen
Planning Monitoring and Review
  • Accountability and Review Mechanisms
  • Monitoring and Evaluation systems
  • WASH statistical databases
About this portal

The Portal houses tools that help national governments and their development partners put the different aspects of the SWA Framework including, Building Blocks, Collaborative Behaviours, Guiding Principles into practice. The portal is a constantly-growing database and resource list, and is easily searchable by keywords. 

The objectives of the portal are to:

  • Provide a “one stop shop” through which sector practitioners, policy and decision-makers can select tools to support the implementation of WASH Building Blocks and Collaborative Behaviours appropriate to the specific context and purpose for which they are needed
  • Provide for a platform facilitating easy access to experiences gained and lessons learned by different actors and in different countries who have used the tools.
  • Support countries to take leadership of the tools they use (and move away from tool use that is driven by donor preference and funding)
  • Prevent further fragmentation and duplication of tools
  • Identify gaps where tools don’t exist and work together to fill them

If your organization would like to add a tool, please follow these instructions.

Add a tool to the Portal

Are you a tool developer or author of a case study or report relevant to strengthening WASH?

You are welcome to add your tool using the form below. But please first check if it meets our criteria. For a WASH tool to be included in this Portal, it must:

  1. Focus on WASH “software” – policies, processes and techniques that help strengthen the WASH enabling environment (upstream). It does not include tools for the implementation of WASH hardware or infrastructure (downstream). 
  2. Be primarily focussed on targets 6.1 (water) and 6.2 (sanitation and hygiene) of the SDGs. Case studies/reports etc. that are related to the MDGs or other SDGs should only be included if they are relevant for learning about implementation of SDG6.1 or 6.2.
  3. Be open source (available for use with no license or purchase fees).

Submission info
(50 to 100 words)
Leave blank to use trimmed value of full text as the summary.
Detailed description ot Tool (300 to 400 words)
Building blocks and action areas
Submit a tool review

Do you have experience applying any of the tools in this portal? If yes, please submit a review of your experience and what you found were the tool’s main strengths and weaknesses. We hope that fair, frank and constructive tool reviews will help others get a clearer sense of whether or not a given tool would suit their purposes. It may also help tool developers to understand how they can improve their tools. 

All tool reviews submitted will be vetted by the SWA Tools Portal Administrator before being released onto the Portal.

How to submit a review: 

  • Search for and select the tool that you have experience with.
  • Scroll down and find “Add a new review”.
  • Fill out the form fields that will appear and click “Save”.


Submit an implementation report

Reports or case studies of a tool’s implementation can be very useful to explain how a tool works and what its outcomes look like. Submitting a tool implementation report to the SWA tools portal can be done in 3 easy steps. 

All tool reviews submitted will be vetted by the SWA Tools Portal Administrator before being released onto the Portal.

How to submit an implementation report: 

  • Search for and select the tool for which you have the report.
  • Scroll down and find "Add implementation report"
  • Fill out the form fields that will appear and click “Save”.