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Paraguay joined SWA in 2010. The government identified as a sector priority the strengthening of institutions and governance by 1) ensuring institutions have the capacity and resources necessary to carry out the roles of leadership, and regulation, putting an end to overlapping roles and uncoordinated actions, and 2) generating decentralized technical capacities and structures at the local government level for better governance.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Harmonizing the naming conventions of the Water and Sanitation Sector and establishing institutional arrangements.
Reviewing progress
Continue and complete the current sanitation infrastructure programme “Improvement of the Integrated Water System.”
Reviewing progress
Communication, structuring and updating of the National Drinking Water and Sanitation Plan.
Reviewing progress

Commitments by partners

Encourage inclusion of the gender perspective in the National Drinking Water Plan in general and in community water management in particular by developing manuals and methodologies to be replicated by each community organization in the country by 2022.
Reviewing progress
Support the production and harmonization of information on the drinking water supply and sanitation sector in 2020, providing spaces for conceptual validation and designing methodologies for the progressive adaptation of the concepts in the institutional framework from 2021.
Reviewing progress
Promote the active participation of stakeholders through the creation of spaces for reflection and generation of ideas (civil society, academia and companies) to make significant and innovative contributions to reformulating and communicating the National Drinking Water and Sanitation Plan for 2020.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Hugo Ramón Ruiz Fleitas
Dirección de Agua Potable y Saneamiento
Roberto A. Lima Morra
Appropriate Technology Centre of the Catholic University of Asuncion
Civil Society


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