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Lesotho joined SWA in 2010. The Government developed a Lesotho Water and Sanitation Policy (LWSP) 2007 and the Water Act of 2008, as well as the Long-Term Water and Sanitation Strategy to guide the implementation of the LWSP and the Water Act. The WASH sector has coordination mechanisms between the Government WASH Ministries, Departments and UN agencies, development partners and civil society through quarterly coordination meetings and annual reviews.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Increase access to basic WASH services in schools and health care facilities to 50% by 2023
Reviewing progress
Continuous advocacy for increasing the funding for the water sector 2019/20 budget vs 2018/19
Reviewing progress
Increase national budget for the WASH sector by 5% (or US$) by 2023 to accelerate progress towards achieving WASH SDGs.
Reviewing progress
Actions on issues of reducing the open defecation and improve hygiene practices in schools, health facilities and selected rural communities
Reviewing progress
Mr. Mokake Mojakisane
Ministry of Water/Water Commission


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Lesotho - Collaborative Behaviour Country Profile
Lesotho 2019 SMM Country Brief


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