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Indonesia joined SWA in 2017. In Indonesia, under the leadership of the Government of Indonesia, development partners provide valuable contributions in the WASH sector. Active communications and coordination among governments and development partners are conducted at (i) planning stage through both formal mechanism to register planned loans and grants into governments system and National WASH Working Group; (ii) implementation stage through regular meetings conducted by line ministries or Sanitation Partner Group; and (iii) evaluation & monitoring stage through regular reviews on projects funded by loans or grants. Sanitation Partners’ Group (SPG) is established in Indonesia as a coordination forum between development partners in sanitation development in the country. There are a lot of efforts to develop programs and bringing on innovations, including development of indicators, tools and instruments for data collection which are aligned with WASH-related SDGs indicators.

Commitments by the government

Progress Report April 2020

Accelerate the achievement of National Open Defecation Free (ODF) and adoption of safely managed sanitation.
Reviewing progress
Provide sustainable and innovative financing sources to sustain WASH services and ensure access of sustainable and safely managed WASH services for the poor and strengthen partnership with different stakeholders, including private sector for service delivery and resource mobilization.
Reviewing progress
Strengthen peer-to-peer learning as part of advocacy and capacity building agenda.
Reviewing progress
Mr. Rudy S Prawiradinata
National Development Planning Agency


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