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Messages from the Research & Learning constituency for the 2019 Sector Ministers' Meeting

29 Mar 2019


Research and Learning is a key building block for good quality and sustainable WASH services” Why?

  • Because it is the basis for evidence based decision making;
  • Because it provides the insights necessary to be more efficient and effective;
  • Because it creates the ability to adapt in the face of rapid change, be that from climate, shifting demography or increased demand.

Investing in research and learning is a crucial part of national system building required to achieve SDG 6.

The main “ask” of Government partners is to engage with and to provide leadership to their national research and learning constituencies- including helping to ensure that these are sufficiently financed. The research and learning community offers to put its skills in place in supporting monitoring and learning, innovation, and the provision of quality evidence for decision making.

The R&L Constituency is represented in the SMM by 16 of its partners, from 12 countries covering all regions ( Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Latin America).