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Manual on personal and public hygiene promotion to be implemented in early primary schools in Palestine

28 Jul 2016

A Manual on Personal and Public Hygiene Promotion in Early Primary School was prepared in 2015 by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of the State of Palestine, UNICEF and Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and funded by the Government of Australia.

This manual aims to provide primary school teachers and staff working in health education with lesson plans on topics related to hygiene including personal hygiene, water and food hygiene, dental hygiene, hygiene of the surroundings (both interiors and outdoor spaces) and sanitation. The manual is designed to inspire students with positive attitudes and hygienic practices as well as to provide technical knowledge on good hygiene habits.

The manual focuses on developing the students’ skills in analysis and evaluation. The implementation of the manual will contribute to the adoption of hygiene behaviours as daily habits of students and also to the proper use of sanitation and water facilities which will contribute to the decrease in students’ morbidity.

Download the manual