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Introducing 'Systems and Finance Work Group' within SWA partnership

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
12 Oct 2020

The SWA Strategic Framework 2020-2030 has a new objective on finance to "rally stakeholders to strengthen systems performance and attract new investments." In August, the SWA Steering Committee created 'Systems and Finance Work Group' to support this objective.

The two main objectives of the 'Systems and Finance Work Group' are to mobilize a global and regional SDG6 financing agenda and to strengthen (financing) partnerships between relevant stakeholders and SWA partners in specific countries by seeking an in-depth understanding of the core financing bottlenecks and mobilize joint efforts to overcome them. 

The work group will be convening global and country-focused meetings in the coming months. At the global level, it will coordinate an 'influencing agenda' on financing the sector. SWA provides value-added by mobilizing its diverse constituencies, convening and developing a set of common messages and strategies among the different agencies. At the country level, the value-added of this specific SWA work group is to:

  1. strengthen the intra-country relationship between Ministry of Water (and related line ministries) and the Ministry of Finance, 
  2. find ways to formalize that relationship in-country platforms
  3. act as a space for assessing information on how other countries are managing that relationship; 
  4.  provide a space for having difficult discussions around what is feasible and what is not in terms of accessing more finance and using the existing finances more efficiently, and 
  5. finally, the group facilitates access to specific technical assistance and expertise (South-South or North-South) to solve some of the blockages with concrete examples from other countries.

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