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How SWA partners are preparing for the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
14 Mar 2022

The 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM), hosted by the Government of Indonesia, is taking place on 18-19 May 2022, in Jakarta.

The 2022 SMM, under the theme Building Forward Better for Recovery and Resilience, will bring together ministers responsible for water, sanitation, and hygiene, and ministers responsible for climate and the environment and other relevant sectors, to meet and review water, sanitation and hygiene-related policies and commitments, and ensure that climate action, health, and economic recovery considerations are well integrated. Delegations from the different SWA constituencies will also join the discussions.

SWA partner countries have started the preparations for the SMM which reinforces and strengthens country dialogues and actions. Through this blog, we aim to capture the updates coming in from our partners across all SWA constituencies and regions.

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2022 Sector Ministers’ Meetings: Youth Statement on water, sanitation and hygiene, and the triple crisis

Youth work session

In May, the SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) will convene more than 70 ministers of water, sanitation, health, climate, economy and the environment. 

Also lending their voices to the discussions will be SWA’s youth representatives – Nicki Becker and Kenneth Alfaro Alvarado – who are keen to remind policymakers that young people are eager to partner on the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene for all. 

To that end, SWA youth representatives from different regions joined a workshop to prepare a series of SMM youth messages and asks which call on government leaders to fully and meaningfully include young leaders in decision-making processes.

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Joint ministerial meeting to brief delegates in Lesotho ahead of the Sector Ministers’ Meeting


On 9 May, SWA and UNICEF hosted a joint ministerial meeting that briefed delegates from Lesotho as part of the preparatory process for the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM). Opening the briefing, Kevin Roussel, SWA’s Regional Coordinator for Africa and Bernard Keraita, WASH Specialist for the UNICEF Lesotho Country Office provided an overview of the SMM’s objectives for tackling the triple crisis which includes COVID-19, climate change and a struggling global economy. Felix Malachamela, Principal Engineer at the Department of Rural Water Supply also briefed participants on the state of water, sanitation and hygiene in Lesotho. Access to basic drinking water services is high – estimated at 80 per cent – but about half of the population still need access to basic sanitation services and even more need basic hygiene services, he said. He also presented several water projects meant to ensure access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation across the country. Nthabiseng Mokhabuli, Civil Engineer at Lesotho’s Department of Water Affairs and Mole Khumalo, Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation also presented during the meeting.

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The Integrated Regional Support Programme launched a call to action to prioritize  water, sanitation and hygiene in Pakistan

As part of the preparatory process for the upcoming Sector Ministers' Meeting (SMM), the Integrated Regional Support Programme (IRSP) of Pakistan hosted meetings with government officials to encourage the signing of a "call to action" which advocates the prioritization of water, sanitation and hygiene in the country. Syed Shah Nasir, Executive Director for IRSP, met with chairmen from seven village councils in Pakistan. Additionally, IRSP representatives briefed Mayor Himayat Ullah Mayar of Mardan (the 2nd largest district in the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Province) on the SMM, as well as on opportunities for joint collaboration between government officials, civil society organizations and the private sector. As the head of the district assembly, Mayor Mayar agreed to garner further support for water and sanitation among the district's 95 elected representatives. He, along with other government officials, also signed IRSP's call for action which asks ministers of climate, health and finance to take an active role in providing accessible, affordable water and sanitation, with a particular focus on marginalized communities.

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Work session in Mali ahead of the Sector Ministers' Meeting to discuss the ministers' preparedness plan

As part of the Sector Ministers’ Meeting preparatory process, SWA partners in Mali held a working session on 3 May in Bamako. The meeting welcomed twenty-two participants, including Dr. Balwant Godara from SWA and the Mali Technical Advisor for Water who discussed the ministers' preparedness plan. The Country Overview will be validated on 12 May, followed by a media briefing. 

Mali - SMM


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Partners in Indonesia preparing for the Sector Ministers' Meeting

On 20 April, the Indonesia team organized its fourth meeting under the Sector Ministers' Meeting preparatory process titled, "The Role of Business and Philanthropy on Water and Sanitation Development in Indonesia." The event welcomed more than 100 participants both online and face-to-face. The opening speech was delivered by Oswar Mungkasa, government official and Founder of the Jejaring AMPL WASH Network. Among the panelists were representatives from Bappenas,, Universitas Indonesia and the National Urban Water Supply Project. This activity is part of the MAM Catalytic Support Initiative.

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SWA CEO's visit to Jakarta ahead of the SMM

Indonesia visit 2022

Members of the SWA Secretariat traveled to Jakarta as part of the final stage of preparations for the Sector Ministers' Meeting on 18-19 May. 

Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO, met with the Minister of Public Works, H.E. Basuki Hadimuljono to discuss the link between water and sanitation and the triple crisis – climate, health and economy. During the meeting, she also highlighted the leadership roles that ministers can play in championing water, sanitation and hygiene for all.

Catarina de Albuquerque during her visit in Indonesia

Additionally, Lucinda O’Hanlon, Head of Strategy and Policy and Siddhartha Das, Regional Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific, met with the Vice Minister of Health, H.E. Dante Saksono, and other Health Ministry representatives to discuss the upcoming event. The meeting focused on how water, sanitation and hygiene can help in health recovery.

Indonesia vist


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Meeting of water, sanitation and hygiene stakeholders in Liberia ahead of the SMM

SWA civil society partners and the Country Level Preparatory Committee in Liberia met with the Minister of Public Works to provide information related to the Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) and the commitments made by Liberia under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism. It was also an opportunity for civil society partners to highlight joint advocacy messages and the key challenges faced by the sector including limited political leadership and financing, the lack of updated water, sanitation, and hygiene data, and inclusive policies. As an outcome, the minister, who is also the Chairperson of the WASH Board, requested a regular briefing session with water and sanitation stakeholders and promised to use the SMM to mobilize high-level political leadership to overcome these challenges.

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Joint briefing paper on climate change and water, sanitation and hygiene by SWA research and learning partners

Ahead of the Sector Ministers’ Meeting, SWA Research and Learning Constituency jointly prepared a briefing paper on the impacts that climate change on water and sanitation services. The paper seeks to make available the latest research evidence on climate change, resilience, and water, sanitation, and hygiene to support evidence-based follow-up action post-SMM.

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Statement of Alexandra Knezovich, Managing Director, Toilet Board Coalition, SWA Private sector partner 

Private Sector is a Key Ally for Clean Water and Sanitation

The Toilet Board Coalition, which is part of SWA’s private sector constituency, believes that private sector partners are key allies in achieving these goals. Our own organization is non-profit and business-led, focused on unlocking the immense value behind sanitation, and we’ve seen the value of collaboration in our work.

We know that Sanitation and Water for All shares the perspective that political involvement, collaboration and innovative financing is needed in order to achieve SDG 6. We are eager to see these values promoted at the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting in Jakarta from 18-19 May. The event provides an incredible opportunity for direct communication with the public sector, offering opportunities to share knowledge and increasing possibilities for partnership. 

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Statement of Kelsey Harpham, Policy Project Manager, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation, SWA civil society partner

When it comes to climate change, water is a resource not a risk 

In the context of climate change, water is often considered a source of risk – linked to an estimated ninety percent of climate problems including flooding and droughts. 

Yet, as governments, civil society, academics, and the private sector come together for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting from 18-19 May, the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) wants to change the perception of water from risk to resource–key to the mission of “Building Forward Better for Recovery and Resilience.” 

In the water and sanitation sector, water supply and security are at the center of program development. Effective management of these systems ensures that economies, communities and ecosystems can adjust, thrive and prosper in the face of a changing climate. 

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Statement of Thierry BARBOTTE, Managing Director of VERGNET HYDRO and UDUMA, SWA Private sector partner

Stimulating private investment to drive sustainable development in Africa

Despite significant advancements in Africa on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, COVID-19 has derailed vital progress. Policymakers are now confronted with the herculean task of getting economies back on track and addressing socio-economic inequalities, particularly in rural communities. 

The upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting from 18-19 May in Jakarta will help us get this message across. As the issues at stake extend beyond the boundaries of our sectors, we are delighted that the 2022 meeting is open to climate, environment, health, and economic affairs ministers too. The latter plays a particularly crucial role in implementing mechanisms likely to encourage and facilitate private investment in our sector. 

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Statement of Prof Juliet Willetts, University of Technology Sydney, SWA Research and Learning partner

Upholding the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

Every nation has been affected by COVID-19, but not every country has equal access to water, sanitation and hygiene – an inequality that threatens our basic human rights. 

In the lead-up to the Sector Ministers’ Meeting taking place from 18-19 May, I have worked closely with the SWA Research and Learning Constituency on a briefing paper that documents the impacts that climate hazards have on water and sanitation services. This brief issues a stark warning for the renewed additional efforts we will need to make if we are to achieve climate resilience. 

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SWA Civil Society Joint Advocacy Messaging on Triple Crisis: The Solution Must Include Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

SWA's Civil Society partners, comprising of more than 140 networks and organizations in over 50 countries, jointly developed a set of messages that they will bring to the 2022 SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting. The messages focus on how ensuring the human rights to water and sanitation increases resilience to current and future crises, such as climate change, pandemics, and economic downturns.

Right2Grow initiative, a group of six INGOs focusing on WASH and Nutrition high-level advocacy and community adaptation, has endorsed the SWA Civil Society Constituency Joint Messages. These INGOs are Action Against Hunger, World Vision, Save The Children, Max Foundation, The Hunger Project Netherlands and CEGAA.

Partners are using these messages in the country-level preparations for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting, and as talking points during their interactions SMM participants in Jakarta, especially ministers.


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The WASH CSO Network of Networks in Bangladesh met to discuss the upcoming Sector Ministers' Meeting as part of its preparatory process.

Bangladesh - SMM

Zobair Hasan, representative of SWA's Civil Society Steering Committee and the Bangladesh-based Development Organisation of the Rural Poor (DORP) updated the network on ways civil society can support government commitments at the SMM. He also encouraged sector mobilization in order to develop a comprehensive Country Overview which can be presented at the upcoming event. 

The network meeting, which was hosted at the WaterAid Bangladesh office, convened over 15 representatives from Freshwater Action Network (FANSA-BD), Water Integrity Network (BAWIN), End Water Poverty (EWP), the Faecal Sludge Management Network (FSM), WASH Alliance Bangladesh, WaterAid, the Menstrual Hygiene Management Platform, and the International Water Association (IWA). 

Participants additionally discussed the need to drive further commitments to water and sanitation through additional engagement with government leaders and the media. 

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Sanitation and Water for All joins UNFCCC Nairobi Work Programme

The Sanitation and Water for All global partnership (SWA) announced its formal partnership with The Nairobi Work Programme this month, as part of ongoing efforts to bridge strategies for water and sanitation management with efforts to reduce the impact of climate change. 

These efforts will be furthered at the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting, in Jakarta from 18-19 May, which will convene ministers of water, sanitation, the environment, health and the economy. The event will provide a unique opportunity to meet and review water, sanitation and hygiene-related policies and commitments and ensure that climate action considerations are well integrated. 

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Experts on Water and Climate Change Meet in Peru Ahead of Sector Ministers’ Meeting 

Experts on Water and Climate Change Meet in Peru Ahead of Sector Ministers’ Meeting 

In April, the Roundtable for the Fight against Poverty (MCLCP) and SWA hosted a virtual dialogue in Peru on water and climate change. 

The online event took place as part of the preparatory process for the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting in Jakarta and convened experts, government leaders and representatives of the private sector and civil society.  

Event panelists included representatives from the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS), the 2030 Water Resource Group (WRG) for Latin America, the General Directorate of Climate Change and Desertification at the Ministry of the Environment, Horizontes en Medio Ambiente y Salud (HOMAS) and Agua Segura Network (RAS). 

Federico Arnillas Lafert, president of the MCLCP, stressed that water is key to combatting global warming. However, the best way to stop the impact of climate change will be through proper use of water, combined with good sanitation systems.  

Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO, shared that the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences have delayed progress on sustainable development. Increased effort is needed, especially in Peru, as it is one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. She proposed that the country strategically integrate water and sanitation in climate policy, implement efficient drinking water systems, and find spaces for dialogue with policymakers.  

SWA’s Climate Advisor, José Gesti added that countries should apply measures to reduce short-term vulnerability to climate change, prioritizing resilience.  

Alejandro Laos Fernández, Coordinator of the MCLCP's “Rural Water and Sanitation” Working Group and Susana Rojas Williams, SWA Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean agreed on the need for additional dialogue and collaboration between government, civil society and the private sector, in order to achieve Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Mali implement commitments made under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism

On 19 April, Mali's ministers of water and sanitation presided over the opening of a 3-day validation of five water policy programmes, as well as a joint water and sanitation governance programme. These programmes are commitments made under the SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism. His Excellency, Lamine Seydou Traoré, Minister of Mines, Energy and Water will attend the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia on 18-19 May, to discuss these programmes and future actions in the country.

Mali - SMMMali - RMS


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Zambia reviews progress on commitments made under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism 

On 14 April, network members of the NGO WASH FORUM in Zambia, together with the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation and the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment met to discuss SWA's Mutual Accountability Mechanism and their current and proposed commitments in line with national objectives.

The meeting outlined how the sector can integrate water, sanitation, and hygiene into national determined contributions. It also discussed pandemic preparedness and lessons learned from COVID-19. 

Zambia - SMM Zambia - SMM Prep process


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Partners in Uganda preparing for the Sector Ministers' Meeting

This month, SWA partners in Uganda hosted a stakeholder meeting to prepare for the Sector Ministers’ Meeting. Participants included representatives from the Government of Uganda, civil society organizations, the private sector and other development partners.

Uganda SMM


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SWA Sector Ministers' Meeting is Key Stop on the Road to COP27 and the UN Water Conference

Over the next 12 months, the water and sanitation sector will host dozens of events in the run-up to COP27 and the 2023 United Nations Water Conference. Chief among them on the UN roadmap will be the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) from 18-19 May in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

We are delighted to be one of the official roadmap events in the lead-up to the 2023 UN Water Conference, along with other important sector fora such as the World Water Forum and World Water Week, as well as ahead of COP27. The SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting will build on these events and pave the way by breaking silos, building indispensable bridges, and promoting much-needed collaboration among environment, health, and economic ministers on joint solutions to the triple crisis of a worldwide pandemic, a climate emergency and a struggling global economy, in order to transform it into a triple win. Building forward after COVID-19 is an opportunity to work better in a more integrated manner, ensure that water, sanitation and hygiene are truly integrated into and form part of policies in the areas of health, economy, and environment and increase political will for investments that protect our planet.

Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO


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SWA South Asia Webinar 

On 17 March, SWA, UNICEF and WaterAid hosted a webinar on “Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Climate Action” which explored ways to mitigate the growing pressure of climate change on water and sanitation services worldwide.  The virtual event serves as part of the South-Asia region's preparatory process for the upcoming Sector Minister’s Meeting, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from 18-19 May.  

It is also part of the South Asia Dialogue series on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, jointly supported by Athena Infonomics, the Centre for Policy Research, the International Refugee Committee, the Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA), Scaling City Institutions for India (SCI-FI), SWA, UNICEF, and WaterAid. 

The opening session was moderated by Siddhartha Das, SWA Regional Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific, with remarks and presentations by Lucinda O'Hanlon, SWA's Head of Policy and Strategy Team; Peter Harvey, UNICEF South Asia WASH Regional Advisor; and Jose Gesti, SWA Climate Advisor. This was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Reis Lopez Rello, UNICEF South Asia Climate Change Senior Advisor, and interventions from Professor K. Matin Ahmed, Department of Geology at the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh; Pritha Hariram, Head of the Water Infrastructure and Climate Adaptation Department at Ramboll; and Syed Zahid Aziz, Chairman of the Pakistan Water Operations Network and Chief Executive Officer of Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority in Lahore. 

More than 80 participants heard from speakers and panelists about the importance of ensuring that water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure, services, and behaviors are sustainable, safe, and resilient to climate-related risks. Additionally, community resilience is equally important, with particular support needed for communities and groups which are disproportionately vulnerable to climate threats. 

The webinar concluded with remarks from Khairul Islam, WaterAid South Asia Regional Director, who argued that the benefits of climate resiliency programs are immense – an investment of only $1 USD in climate-resilient water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure can save up to $5 USD in post-recovery. 

South Asia dialogueSouth Asia dialogue


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Sierra Leone: First review of the Mutual Accountability Mechanism commitments ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting

Sierra Leone

On 11 March, the Directorate of Environmental Health and Sanitation in Sierra Leone convened a one-day meeting to review and validate the country’s commitments to water, sanitation, and hygiene and SWA’s objectives.  

Meeting attendees included government officials from the water, sanitation, climate, health, and finance sectors, as well representatives from civil society, research and learning, external support agencies, and the private sector.  

This meeting marked the first review of the commitments made under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism (MAM). Despite delays in implementation and the global financial crunch from COVID-19, participants were confident that 50 to 74 percent of commitments have been met. However, the triple crisis of economy, health, and climate change presents a formidable barrier to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.  

Sierra Leone is prioritizing multi-stakeholder platforms which have resumed work following a two-year break due to the pandemic. In 2022, the SWA Secretariat will strengthen and support these platforms by mobilizing underrepresented constituencies to contribute to Sierra Leone’s water, sanitation and hygiene priorities. 

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High-Level Water Investment Conference - Transforming the Investment Outlook for Water and Sanitation in Africa” in Zanzibar.

High-Level Water Investment Conference in Zanzibar

In March, the SWA Secretariat joined government officials and other decision-makers in Zanzibar for the “High-Level Water Investment Conference: Transforming the Investment Outlook for Water and Sanitation in Africa." The event, which was chaired by the President of Zanzibar, Dr. Hussain Mwunyi, and the former President of Tanzania, Dr. Jakaya Kikwete, focused on the Continental Africa Water Investment Programme (AIP) which aims to raise USD 30Bil in investments for the water sector in Africa and its associated AIP-PIDA Water Investment Scorecard. 

Participants included heads of UN agencies, such as the WHO, UNDP, FAO, and the World Bank, as well as high-level representatives of technical partners, the International Water Management Institute, Global Water Partnership, UNICEF, and WaterAid. 

The SWA Secretariat reiterated the organization's support to the dissemination and application of the Scorecard, which aligns well with its strategic objectives. To that end, SWA will work closely with the African Union Development Agency and the Global Water Partnership to engage representatives of ministries of finance on the deployment of the Scorecard and encouraged increased investment in water. 



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Meeting with the Vice Minister for Environment and Forest, Indonesia

In March, the SWA Secretariat met with Mr. Aloe Dohong, Vice Minister for Environment and Forest in Indonesia to discuss the impact of climate change on the country’s water and sanitation infrastructure, particularly in disaster-prone areas. 

Meeting with Vice Minister Environment and Forest, Indonesia

In his remarks to the delegation, Dohong highlighted Indonesia’s Environmental Fund Management Agency (Badan Pengelola Dana Lingkungan Hidup/BPDLH) which was launched in October 2019 as a multi-sector approach to environmental preservation and the prevention of pollution and degradation.  

Healthy forests are critical to providing clean water impacting the quantity, quality, and filtration costs associated with a city's water, sometimes even reducing the need for costly infrastructure. Yet, the world’s major watersheds lost 6 per cent of their tree cover on average from 2000-to 2014.

Dohong also expressed the importance of multi-sector partnerships to find joint solutions to climate concerns, as well as the need to learn from other countries dealing with similar issues. 

These interlinkages between rising climate crises and the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector will be explored further at the upcoming Sector Ministers' Meeting in May 2022. 

Meeting with Vice Minister Environment and Forest, Indonesia


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SWA Secretariat Visits Indonesia Ahead of 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting

This week, SWA Secretariat representatives including Lucinda O’Hanlon, Head of Policy and Strategy and Muyatwa Sitali, Head of Country Engagement, traveled to Indonesia to meet with the government and other partners ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM).

While in Indonesia, SWA’s representatives plan to mobilize sector minister participation, strengthen political commitments and partnerships to ensure a successful and inclusive SMM, and accelerate partner support for the event.

The SWA team met with the Deputy Minister and representatives from BAPPENAS, UNICEF Indonesia, and local embassies during their official visit. The team highlighted the need for cross-ministerial collaboration for the provision of water and sanitation in the country.

O’Hanlon thanked the government and all partners for their efforts and called on them to join forces for the success of the SMM.

The Deputy Minister highlighted the connections of water, sanitation, and hygiene to many development areas including housing, health, public works, and the economy. He mentioned that the SMM will be a key opportunity for the sector and encouraged development partners and other SWA partners to align efforts with the government’s work ahead of the high-level meeting. He thanked UNICEF Indonesia for supporting and facilitating the process.

Indonesia preparatory process ahead of 2022 SMM



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In Mali, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Nutrition Sector Representatives Approve 2022 National Action Plan Ahead of Sector Minister’s Meeting 

Representatives from the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Nutrition sectors met in Mali on 25 February to develop and approve their 2022 National Action Plan, as part of a SWA initiative. The workshop received financial support from Action Against Hunger (ACF), a global SWA Civil Society partner.

Mali meeting ahead of the SMM

Participants identified priority actions for the implementation of SWA’s Mutual Accountability Mechanism to increase the performance of water, sanitation and hygiene, and nutrition services in Mali. Currently “one child in five in Mali is stunted due to chronic malnutrition,” according to Dr. D. Djibril Bagayoko, head of the country’s Nutrition Coordination Unit. “These are people who don't have enough water and don't have proper hygiene and sanitation conditions.”

The resulting national action plan includes five core objectives, as well as corresponding indicators to measure progress. Participants also discussed key activities and actions to be taken in the coming weeks in preparation for the upcoming Sector Minister’s Meeting in May.

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Malawi Task Team Hosts Two-day Workshop in Preparation for Upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting

Ahead of the Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM), the Malawi SWA Task Team met to review their country overview, which aims to identify bottlenecks and opportunities in the sector, as well as the steps needed to accelerate progress under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism

Held on 7 and 8 March, the discussions were led by Phideria Moyo, the Deputy Director of Water Supply, who outlined the roadmap to the SMM including engagement during the Week of Action from 21-26 of March.

Malawi Task team preparing for the SMM

Participants included Holystone Kafanikhale Co-Chair of the Ministry of Health, Kate Harawa of Water For People, who facilitated the session, as well as Limbikani Chinyamunyamu, Walter Chinangwa, Edward Maferano, Jabulani Thadzi, Willies Mwandira, and Wongani Chimbali.

Discussions emphasized the linkages between water, sanitation, and hygiene services and climate action, economic and health recovery, and highlighted the need for engaging all ministries across these sectors in order to build forward better for recovery and resilience. Participants also reviewed and renewed their commitments under the Mutual Accountability Mechanism.

Furthermore, participants agreed to follow up on SMM invitations and schedule a briefing meeting with sector ministers, starting with the Water and Sanitation Minister in the upcoming week.

Malawi Task team preparing for the SMM


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WASH Legislative Caucus of Liberia Voices Support for SWA And Accelerates Progress on Sector Policy Reform

The WASH Legislative Caucus of Liberia organized a series of meetings throughout February and March, accelerating support for water, sanitation, and hygiene, as well as progress on policy reform.

On 8 February, the Caucus hosted an appreciation meeting for WaterAid Liberia and SWA. Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay, Chairman of the WASH Caucus commended WaterAid and SWA for the support given to Caucus members, pledging to ensure that their efforts will focus on human rights. Hon. Vicent S. T. Willie, II. also applauded both organizations and called on his fellow lawmakers to increase their efforts to support the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector through financing and policy reform.  

Hon. Vicent S.T. Willie, II, make remarks at the meeting

Hon. Vicent S.T. Willie, II, make remarks at the meeting 

Catarina de Albuquerque, Chief Executive Officer of SWA equally thanked members of the WASH Legislative Caucus for their willingness to support water, sanitation, and hygiene activities in Liberia, and voiced the need to mobilize further political will. To that end, she announced the development of the Parliamentary Handbook on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene which will be launched at the World Water Forum in Dakar. 

SWA and WaterAid Liberia also promised to continue their support to the Caucus by providing policy analysis and informing lawmakers of necessary steps to defragment the sector.

On 2 March, civil society organizations and the WASH Caucus Secretariat, hosted by Amb. Bobby Whitfield, National WASH Commission CEO and Chairman met to discuss the “Open Defecation Free” (ODF) Road Map, which will help improve country-wide sanitation practices. Amb. Whitfield requested that civil society representatives constructively engage with the Office of the President of Liberia on the signing of the document.

On 3 March, members of the Country Preparatory Committee met at the National WASH Commission Conference Room and discussed the development and implementation of Committee activities. The preparation for the country overview kicked off in 2021 and a draft is expected to be available in April.  

Liberia WASH Caucus

Group Photo after the Meeting

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Research and Learning Partners align efforts ahead of the SMM  

On 18 February 2022, as part of the 2022 Sector Ministers Meeting (SMM) preparatory process, the SWA Research and Learning (R&L) partners held a virtual meeting concerning their role in the event.  

Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO, highlighted the role of the constituency in strengthening intersectoral work by sharing evidence of the role of the benefit of an integrated approach to tackle the triple crisis (economic, health, and climate). She also mentioned the importance of the constituency in supporting governments and ministers preparing for the event, organizing Weeks of Action, and tabling and reviewing commitments.

Following the discussion about the SMM, Prof. Mohamed Kamara from KMRI, Kenya, Dr. Mohamad Mova from CRPG, Indonesia, and Dr. Tej Karki, NPRC from Nepal, presented the activities, challenges, and opportunities on leveraging the MAM catalytic fund in their countries. They have organized workshops to discuss the status of SDG 6 in their countries and agree on how to streamline progress in a multi-stakeholder way, leveraging the MAM. They both agreed that the SMM is an opportunity to magnify political commitment.  

The meeting concluded with Dr. Sarah Dickin of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and representative of the R&L constituency in the SWA Steering Committee, sharing an update on the R&L joint statement by the constituency being prepared ahead of the SMM. The document will focus on climate action and touches topics such as the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene for societal resilience, the vulnerability of services to climate change, and how to deliver climate-resilient water, sanitation, and hygiene. 

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Utilities and Regulars partners agree on SMM key messages

SWA Utilities & Regulators partners recently held a virtual meeting to discuss their role in the upcoming SMM in Indonesia.  

Partners discussed their constituency’s key messages and discussed the support they can provide to governments in scoping and identifying policy needs and “best in class” examples of water, sanitation, and hygiene frameworks that enable progress in the sector. The constituency, given their mandate and proximity to the population, are excellent partners for governments around the world.  

The discussion also covered the importance to request ministers attending the SMM to focus on producing sound policy and strategies for the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. Such strategies should include mid-term targets, incentives, monitoring mechanisms, governance enablers, and risk assessment tools. Such policies constitute the cornerstone of the activities of utilities and regulators, dictating their mandate, and providing strategic direction. 

One example from CRA Colombia was included in the constituency’s messages. Colombia has a regulatory framework in place with elements that foster the rational use of water resources and tariffs that include the “environmental” cost of water, this encloses the triple-crises theme that will be the basis of the SMM. 

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Private Sector partners agree on SMM key messages

On 22 January 2022, the SWA private sector partners held two virtual meetings to discuss their role in the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting and its preparatory process and align efforts at national and global levels.

Partners discussed the key messages and asks the constituency will bring to the event and the preparatory process, mainly:

  • Their support to countries in setting up systems and business models that contribute to achieving SDG 6 by 2030, e.g., the knowledge of the private sector can bring to collaborations with governments and other partners, and their strong focus on the human rights to water and sanitation.
  • Their response to water and sanitation needs by offering and implementing “best in class” solutions, ranging from disruptive technology ideas to competitive and sustainable products and services while assuming the risk and the bulk of the investment to test and scale new concepts.

Partners also raised the importance of how they can only operate effectively in countries with clear, predictable, and stable legislative frameworks, that are focused on improving service levels, instead of focusing on who delivers the service. Their main request for governments is to work towards creating an environment that enables cooperation with the private sector. 

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Donors, UN agencies, and other external support agencies discuss their role in SMM preparatory process  

On 24 January 2022, SWA external support agencies partners (UN agencies, donors, financial institutions, etc.) held a virtual meeting to discuss and align efforts in supporting the SMM at global and national levels. The agenda of the meeting covered the SMM objectives and plan, and the role of the constituency in the event and the preparatory process.

Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque opened the meeting and invited them to attend the SMM. She highlighted the importance of the constituency during the preparatory process, in particular around supporting governments in writing country overviews, organizing Weeks of Action, and tabling and reviewing commitments. Ms. de Albuquerque also encourages partners to link the SMM to other important meetings they are working on, such as the G20 in Indonesia, COP27 in Egypt, and the 2023 UN Water Decade Conference in the US.

Mr. Paul Deverill of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in the UK added that the constituency can collaborate with other SWA partners at national and regional levels by 1) convening, hosting, coordinating, or participating in multi-stakeholder discussions, 2) initiating or supporting work on the country overviews, including by identifying case-studies, 3) work towards SMART, government-led commitments supported by its partners, 4) encouraging and preparing ministers to participate in the SMM, and 5)  bringing partners and other relevant sectors together post-SMM for follow up plans and actions. 

The meeting concluded with a discussion on the investment in water, sanitation, and hygiene, which needs to quadruple to achieve SDG 6 by 2030 – even more in the least developed countries and fragile and conflict-affected states. Partners also discussed how the SMM can make support the nexus between water, sanitation, and hygiene and the climate agenda, by analyzing the outcomes of the COP26 and preparing for the COP27. 


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Preparations for the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting in Liberia

Liberia SMM Preparatory Process

In Liberia, partners gathered to hear updates from the National WASH Commission. Legislators, as well as civil society and research and learning partners, joined the government for this first of many multistakeholder discussions to prepare for the meeting.

At the briefing for members of the Liberia WASH Legislative Caucus, on 8 February, SWA CEO, Catarina de Albuquerque, emphasized the crucial role of the legislature in oversight, legislation, budgeting, and representation of their constituencies. She encouraged the members of the caucus and WASH sector stakeholders in Liberia to reach up to all key political decision-makers and reach out to all major sectors that benefit from water, sanitation programs and whose work has an impact on our sector. In the run-up to the SMM, it is extremely crucial that the sector brings in the key actors from climate, economy, and health among others.

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Indonesia’s WASH sector commits to mutual accountability ahead of the SMM

Indonesia preparatory process ahead of 2022 SMM

On Wednesday, over 100 Indonesian sector actors attended the “Dissemination Webinar on SWA and the Mutual Accountability Mechanism”, organized by the Jejaring AMPL network and the Center for Regulation Policy and Governance (CRPG) of the Universitas Ibn Khaldun Bogor, with the support of the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) and UNICEF. This activity was part of the MAM Catalytic Support initiative.  

The objectives of the webinar were successfully achieved through a lively discussion facilitated by Maraita Listyasari, of UNICEF. The webinar included an introduction to SWA, its Mutual Accountability Mechanism (MAM) as well as concrete examples of how mutual accountability is contributing to better coordination and collaborative action in other partner countries. Prof. Juliet Willets, of University Technology Sydney and Dr. Mova Al’Afghani, of CPRG presented the results of a MAM research recently carried out in Indonesia and in five other countries.

Nur Aisyah Nasution, Water and Sanitation Coordinator of Bappenas, presented the detailed monitoring of the existing government’s commitments, tabled in 2019 aiming at providing innovative financing sources to sustain WASH services, accelerating ODF and capacity building. These commitments were reviewed in a multi-stakeholder meeting held the day before the webinar, where new commitments were also defined, reflecting national priorities.

Going forward, Tri Dewi Virgiyanti, Director of Housing and Settlement, declared Bappenas will lead the process of engaging stakeholders to ensure aligned commitments that reflect each constituency’s roles are tabled ahead of the SMM, in support of the achievement of Indonesia’s priorities for the sector. The piloting of MAM processes at the sub-national level is also going to be considered. Wahanudin, Chair of Jejaring AMPL, committed to engage the network’s members in this process, and civil society organizations in particular.

Indonesia is the host country of the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting taking place 18 and 19 May, in Jakarta.

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Malawi: Mutual Accountability Mechanism team meets to discuss the upcoming Sector Ministers' Meeting 


On 21 January, the Malawi Mutual Accountability Mechanism team started drawing the roadmap to the Sector Ministers' Meeting. They gathered information and scheduled what needs to be done and by whom. The Director, Mrs. Emma Mbalambe, and the Deputy Director of the Water Supply Authority co-chaired the meeting. Representatives from the Ministry of health, research and learning, and civil society constituencies were present. 

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2022 SMM Preparatory Process Webinar: Build Forward Better - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions for Sustainable Recovery from the Triple Crises

On 26 January, SWA will convene the third webinar of the preparatory process for the 2022 SWA Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM). As countries continue to navigate the COVID-19 health crisis, governments across the world aim at identifying and implementing measures to support long-term recovery. Governments and key economic players are making critical decisions now about the areas in which to invest and should be guided by global economic analyses, showing that green spending, including on resilient water and sanitation, can secure both greater growth and a greener future. For the most vulnerable communities, economic, health, and climate shocks and impacts are not felt in isolation but are interrelated and connected. The intertwined health, economic, and climate crises highlight the crucial role of water, sanitation and hygiene in building resilient communities and achieving sustainable development. Resilience to any type of crisis starts with guaranteeing access to water, sanitation and hygiene. 

This webinar will provide the opportunity to consider: 

  • The crucial role of water and sanitation to address the intertwined health, economic, and climate crises; 
  • The impact of the triple crises on water, sanitation and hygiene systems and services and the solutions needed to ensure that the sector is not only protected but also contributes to a healthy population and a green and sustainable economic recovery; 
  • How navigating the “triple crisis” is informing country preparatory processes towards the SMM, including the preparation of country overviews.  

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Meeting with Embassies ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting

Meeting with Embassies ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting

On 17 December 2021, as part of the 2022 Sector Ministers Meeting (SMM) preparatory process, the government of Indonesia through the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) organized a meeting with Embassies of countries that will be invited to the SMM. The objective of the meeting was to provide information about the SMM, its focus, as well as the role the Embassies can play. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and UNICEF Indonesia were also invited to this important meeting.

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Lesotho: Partners kick-started the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting Preparatory Process  

The Government of Lesotho in collaboration with the national water, sanitation, and hygiene partners organized a meeting with the SWA Secretariat on 21 December 2021 to kick-start the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) preparatory process.  

The meeting was attended by six partners from the Department of Rural Water Supply Services, UNICEF Country Office and CSO representatives from the Global Catholic Relief Services.   

The SWA Regional Coordinator for anglophone Africa gave a presentation on the SMM and its connection to the Mutual Accountability Mechanism (MAM), followed by a question-and-answer session. UNICEF country office committed to supporting the government in developing an action plan for the preparatory process and providing further support to the partners in drafting the Country Overview.

Mr. Khotso Mosoeu from the Department of Rural Water Supply Services thanked the SWA Secretariat for the presentation and further said that the preparatory process has the potential to become an important milestone for the country’s progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal 6. He also underlined that SWA partners will mobilize efforts in ensuring all relevant ministries are represented at the SMM. 

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Zimbabwe: Kick-off of the Sector Ministers' Meeting preparatory process with the presence of 5 ministries 

The government of Zimbabwe in collaboration with the national water, sanitation, and hygiene partners organized a meeting with the SWA Secretariat on 12 December 2021 to kick-start the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM) preparatory process.  

The meeting was attended by 17 partners from all six constituencies. Among the government ministries that participated were the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, the Ministry of Housing and Social Amenities, the Ministry of Health and Child Care (represented by the National Institute of Health Research), the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, and Ministry of the Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality. In addition, the meeting was also attended by representatives from the Parliament of Zimbabwe, represented by the climate change, water, sanitation, tourism portfolio committee secretariat office, as well as members of the press. 

The SWA Secretariat gave a presentation about the SMM and its connection to the Mutual Accountability Mechanism (MAM), followed by a questions and answers session. Mr. Dhoba Lovemore, SWA Focal Point at the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development said that the preparatory process has the potential to become an important milestone for the country’s progress towards SDG 6. He also underlined that SWA partners will mobilize to ensure all relevant ministries are represented at the SMM. Mr. Lovemore further mentioned that the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development will organize the High-level Briefing session for all ministers in January 2022. 

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Spain: SWA CEO, Catarina de Albuquerque, meets with the Government of Spain, and other partners ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting

Catarina de Albuquerque, SWA CEO, meets with partners in Spain

SWA's CEO, Catarina de Albuquerque, travelled to Madrid in December 2021 to meet with the General Director of the United Nations, International Organizations and Human Rights Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEC), Fernando Fernandez Aguayo Munoz, and later with the Director of the Spain Cooperation and Development Agency (AECID), Anton Leis Garcia.  

The meetings were an opportunity to discuss future cooperation between SWA and the Government of Spain, in view of the upcoming Sector Ministers’ Meeting hosted by the Government of Indonesia in May 2022.  

SWA partnership continues its important high-level advocacy work at the global and national levels to support the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. 

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India: First bilateral call ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers’ Meeting

Meeting with India, Dec 2021

SWA Regional Coordinator for Asia and the Pacific, Siddhartha Das, held a first meeting with partners in India - Mr. Amit Shukla, Director JJM, Ministry of Jal Shakti, and Mr. Nicolas Osbert, WASH Chief at UNICEF India, to discuss the preparations ahead of the 2022 Sector Ministers' Meeting.