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EnvI Sudan celebrates WWD with high-level event

29 Mar 2017

EnvI Sudan (an SWA CSO partner) celebrated World Water Day with an event advocating for the achievement of SDG 6. The celebration took place in the premises of the Sudanese Businessmen & Employers Federation on 22 March. The Directors of the Water & Sanitation Corporations (at the Federal and State Levels, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, and the Parliament participated through high-level representatives. The outcomes and recommendations will be delivered to the ministries responsible for water, sanitation and hygiene.

During the event, a presentation on "Turning Waste Water into a Source of Wealth" by chemical Engineer Ms. Wenny Mudwi, focused on her experiences in developing sustainable and productive sanitation systems and businesses in the South Darfur emergency settlements. A British-Sudanese Company (CTC Company) is now considering investing in similar systems, as well as integrating them in their Corporate Social Responsibility policies. If successful, this can become a good example of a CSO/private sector partnership in the country.

Another case-study focused on Telecenter’s fundraising efforts in the Netherlands towards the diggings of wells and construction of latrines in the Gedarif State.

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