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El Salvador Joins SWA as 74th Government Partner 

Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat
11 Oct 2021

The Sanitation and Water for All partnership is pleased to welcome El Salvador as its 74th government partner, following the approval of the SWA Steering Committee. El Salvador has joined SWA to guarantee access to clean water and adequate sanitation for all. Currently 97.9% of the population uses at least basic drinking-water, and 82.4% of the population currently has access to a basic sanitation facility, but there is a huge gap between rural and urban access to drinking water in El Salvador - 95.8% and 41.9%, respectively. 

As a country, we are committed to realizing the human rights to water and sanitation and as principle, to rule with equality and for the benefit of everybody. It is also a priority for all the countries in the world to reach the Sustainable Development Goals that will contribute towards achieving a better, sustainable and equal world.

El Salvador’s application

The National Aqueduct and Sewerage Administration (ANDA) of the Government of El Salvador is committed to working with SWA to raise the profile and visibility of water, sanitation, and hygiene and to strengthen the water sector at the national level. ANDA is also looking forward to fostering future exchanges of experiences and collaboration through the SWA structure.   

ANDA aims to improve the quality of life for rural people and communities in El Salvador by improving access to water and sanitation. El Salvador views SWA as a learning platform with great opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange with other SWA partners on WASH-related topics.  

As part of the SWA partnership, El Salvador is most interested in learning from other countries about potential finance strategies so that they can improve access to services with the available resources.  The government is eager to improve its financing strategies, boost the sector and increase the accessibility of WASH services, which are vital for the health, wellbeing and the socio-economic development of El Salvador