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Preparation for the UN 2023 Water Conference (Africa and Asia-Pacific)

The UN 2023 Water Conference promises to be a watershed moment for the whole world to have its eyes on the overall water and sanitation agenda and its importance.

This webinar was an opportunity to provide information to SWA partners (especially country-level partners) on the main opportunities for engagement at the Conference and around its events. With speakers and resource people from the Government of the Netherlands, UNDESA, WHO and UNICEF, as well as the SWA Secretariat, the webinar provided a chance for partners to ask questions about SWA’s role, exchange information on which side events are confirmed and provide a chance for partners to find out who will be in New York to plan for side meetings and future collaborations.

The webinar was also an occasion to encourage partners to table Water Action Agenda Commitments and reflect on those in the SWA Mutual Accountability Mechanism (MAM) commitments.

The UN 2023 Water Conference – formally known as the 2023 Conference for the Midterm Comprehensive Review of Implementation of the UN Decade for Action on Water and Sanitation (2018-2028) – is taking place at UN Headquarters in New York, 22-24 March 2023, co-hosted by Tajikistan and the Netherlands. The Conference comes almost one year after Sanitation and Water for All’s Sector Ministers’ Meeting (SMM), which was one of the preparatory events for it, to bring world attention to the water sector at large. An opportunity that SWA and its partners find quite timely in the journey towards achieving universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene to all everywhere – with only seven years to the end of the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference is an important opportunity to renew global commitment towards achieving SDG 6 and its related goals, evaluate progress, and seek multi-stakeholder action to accelerate progress.

The webinar was also convened at 4pm CET in English, Spanish and Portuguese



We are pleased to share with you the following documents now available on the Conference website:



Presentation: 2023 Water Conference Webinar l Session 1.pdf
Key Messages: SWA at UN 2023 Water Conference.pdf
Messages clés: SWA à la Conférence de l'ONU pour l'eau.pdf
Mensajes principales para la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Agua de 2023.pdf
Feb 16, 2023
11:00 AM CET
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