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Launch of the Handbook for Finance Ministers & kick-off of the 2020 Finance Ministers' Meetings Preparatory Process

On Thursday, 3 September, SWA organized a special webinar in which we launched our new publication, Water & Sanitation: How to Make Public Investment Work - A Handbook for Finance Ministers and kicked-off the preparatory process for the 2020 Finance Ministers’ Meetings. The webinar was composed of two parts featuring The Honourable Kevin Rudd, High-level Chair of SWA and 26th Prime Minister of Australia, The Honourable Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed, Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning for Nigeria, and The Honourable Suleiman Adamu, Minister of Water Resources, Nigeria.  

Speakers - Launch of Handbook


In the first part of the webinar where the Handbook was launched, the presenters focused on the practical financing solutions to achieve the water, sanitation and hygiene targets of the Sustainable Development Goals. It was designed for finance (and line) ministers and showscases how several countries have managed to deliver greater efficiencies in the sector and remove obstacles to securing finance for the large costs of service delivery, expansion, quality improvement and asset rehabilitation. Ministers can use the handbook to overcome these inherently political challenges which require both finance and sector ministers to work together. 
The second part of the webinar kickstarted the preparatory process for the rescheduled 2020 Finance Ministers’ Meeting (FMM).  You will recall the FMM was originally meant to take place in person in April in Washington, DC. Given the COVID-19 outbreak, the FMM was put on hold and has now been rescheduled to three regional virtual FMMs: Africa (4 November), Latin America and the Caribbean (18 November), and Asia & Pacific (2 December). The objective of the FMMs is to develop and strengthen partnerships with finance ministers for smart investments in water, sanitation and hygiene. The meetings will underscore the crucial role of water, sanitation and hygiene to the economy, population and environment during and after COVID-19, and will offer ministers practical avenues for financing the sector. The FMMs are co-convened by SWA's global partners UNICEF and the World Bank and regional partners including the regional development banks and AMCOW.
The webinar is available in French and Spanish.


Launch of the Handbook for Finance Ministers and kick-off of the preparatory process for the Finance Ministers' Meeting
Sep 3, 2020
12:00 PM Europe/London
1 HR 30 MIN
Speakers / Countries
Hon. Kevin Rudd, Hon. Zainab Ahmed, Hon. Suleiman Adamu
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