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IRC-DWA Budget Note PDF Covershot

Briefing Note on budget tracking approaches in the WASH sector: methods, applicability and examples

Año de publicación:
In this note, budget tracking approaches and methods, and its applicability within the WASH sector are discussed, to offer insight into how and whether it can be applied within the Dutch Water Alliance's (DWA) programme. These may be relevant to other WASH Alliances or stakeholders.
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Sector Financing
Both urban and rural
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DWA - Dutch WASH Alliance
IRC - International Water and Sanitation Centre
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Purpose of the briefing note: In its adoption of the Financial, Institutional, Environmental, Technological and Social (FIETS) Sustainability Principles, the Dutch WASH Alliance (DWA) focuses on two leading principles: financial sustainability and institutional sustainability. The DWA asserts that employing a “budget tracking” approach is a possible way forward towards accomplishing the objectives of these two leading principles. Relevant approaches and methods, and their applicability within the WASH sector are discussed, to offer insight into how and whether it can be applied within the Dutch Water Alliance's (DWA) programme.

There note concludes that are three approaches that may help track financial flows in the WASH sector:

  • Budget tracking as applied by the GrassRootsAfrica Foundation and WaterAid
  • Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) as employed by the World Bank
  • Financial and Institutional Mapping as carried out by the WSP-WB. 
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