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SWA Framework
Guiding Principles
Building Blocks
Collaborative Behaviours

The SWA Framework

Since the inception of SWA, partners have been working together to improve the effectiveness of collaboration in the sector. As a result of this work, the SWA partnership has developed a Framework for analyzing bottlenecks and challenges and identifying solutions to make progress.

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Mutual Accountability Mechanism

Join initiative that grounds the Framework in specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely actions.

It re-enforces multistakeholder decision-making and mutual accountability among partners at national, regional and global level.

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High-level Meetings

SWA’s High-level Meetings (HLMs) are unique in the sector and the partnership’s most visible activity. They are platforms where ministers from different countries come together and discuss the achievement of the water, sanitation and hygiene related targets of the SDGs. These meetings are truly multi-stakeholder – as well as actively engaging in the ministerial round-tables and panels at the meetings, all of SWA’s constituencies participate in defining and preparing the meeting’s agendas.

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